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Electrical Fault Finding & Repairs In Essex & London

If you are experiencing electrical faults in your home, SNC Facilities provide an electrical fault finding service.

What does an electrical fault do?

An electrical fault that causes intermittent power fluctuations can be annoying, sometimes dangerous and can even cause damage to your appliances in extreme cases.

There are many common reasons why the wiring in your home could have been damaged, such as:

  • overloaded circuits
  • power outages
  • corrosion
  • repeated blown fuses
  • environmental damage
  • worn cables
  • accidental damage (nails through wires etc.)

How does the SNC electrical fault finding process work?

snc facilities electrical fault finding service

Our NICEIC qualified electricians will carry out a thorough diagnostic inspection of your property to trace the faults.

Once we have completed the inspection, we will provide you with a full report detailing any faults and recommended required action.

SNC facilities offer electrical fault finding services in London and Essex

We also carry out small repairs that you may require. This include things such as fixing broken sockets, bathroom extractor fans, fixing and fitting light switches and dimmer switches.